Mayweather vs Logan Paul

When is Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul fight? Date, time and how to watch Fanmio Exhibition fight clash

Mayweather vs Logan Paul Live Stream – Floyd Mayweather Jr is officially back. The former undisputed former champions of the world will return for one last match — an exhibition — against another celebrities boxing legend in Logan Paul on June 06.

The bout will take place at TV in Los Angeles or Japan and be available on PPV one of the biggest boxing events of 2021. Watch every match of the 2021 Mayweather vs Logan Paul Live & On-Demand on Kayo. Get your 14-day free trial & start streaming instantly

Mayweather-Paul is a believe-it-when-I-see it. Fans won’t be allowed in stadium and is there really a market for that on pay per view?  The pay-per-view fight will be streamed on Fanmio with prices starting at $24.99 (£18.50).

Nevertheless, here is everything you need to know about the proposed fight…

Mayweather vs Logan Paul live stream

EVENT Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul
Date June 06 , 2021
Venue Hard Rock Stadium
Start Time 7:00 pm AEST
TV Network FOX Sports ,  PPV on fanmio
Live Stream LIVE ON AIR before 30 minute

Mayweather vs Paul Fight Date | When is the fight?

The fight is due to take place on Saturday, June 06 at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California. Sorry , fans will not be allowed into the arena.

Mayweather vs Paul Fight Time | What time will it be?

The undercard fights are due to start at 6pm local time which will be 2am in the UK. The main event will likely take place between 4am and 5am in the UK

Who is on the Mayweather vs Logan undercard?

Undefeated, 12-time, five division boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather jr Fight at 50-0 will take on social media sensation Logan Paul in a special exhibition boxing match that is expected to make history. This is your chance to watch this must-see event live exclusively on Fanmio PPV, Saturday June 06, 2021.

How can I watch Logan vs Mayweather fight ?

Despite Foster stating Logan vs Mayweather fight is a glorified bit of sparring that the public should not consider “some kind of real fight,” that same public is being asked to pay to watch Logan vs Mayweather fight go down. The cost of the event has been reported to be $49.99 on traditional pay-per-view platforms and Triller.

Triller is an up-and-coming social media platform that looks to be something akin to a TikTok competitor. They have acquired exclusive rights to a 10-part documentary series on the event, and according to CNBC, paid “upwards of $50 million” for rights to carry the event. Triller’s involvement, as well as the involvement of Logan Paul new “Legends Only League” stick two unknown quantities on a major stage along with an ongoing global pandemic, leading some to believe there’s a solid chance the fight never actually takes place.

Where can the Logan Paul vs Mayweather match be live-streamed?

Viewers can watch Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather boxing live through any VPN channel, the official channel is yet to be confirmed. The match will be aired on the social media site Triller. Revenue will be collected on a pay-per-view basis but no official price has been declared as of yet.

Is the Floyd vs Paul fight match going to be televised?

Unfortunately, for British fans, the Floyd vs Paul fight is probably not going to be aired on TV in the UK. However, they can instead catch up with it through Mayweather vs Logan live streaming on social media.

United States Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul coverage

In the US, primary coverage will be available through ESPN+ PPV or PPV purchased through the Fox Sports Go app. However, the broadcast rights are a tad bit more complicated than that.

To watch the pre-show and first part of the undercard fights, you’ll need access to either ESPN or Fox Sports 1. You can access either of these two networks with free trials to the following:

  • Sling TV
  • AT&T TV Now
  • Hulu with Live TV
  • Vidgo
  • YouTube TV

United Kingdom Mayweather vs Logan coverage

BT Sport Box Office is your go-to option to watch the heavyweight title fight in the UK. Access to the entire fight costs just £24.95 through BT Sport Box Office.

Australia Mayweather vs Logan coverage

Australian boxing fans can turn to Main Event to stream the heavyweight title Floyd vs Logan live online.

Purchase Mayweather vs Logan PPV access through Main Event for $49.95 AUD.

Canada Logan Paul vs Mayweather jr coverage

There are currently no broadcast rights for this Logan Paul Floyd fight available to Canada boxing fans. Your best options include either the Mayweather vs Logan Paul Fight free-to-air channels listed above or DAZN. DAZN Canada comes with a free trial, and you can then connect to the Italy server to access the entire fight.

How to watch Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul free online

In the US, UK and most other countries, Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul will be locked behind a paywall. However, a select few streaming options internationally will broadcast all parts of the Logan v Floyd fight completely free. However, if you’re travelling abroad, you’ll need a VPN to unblock those streams.

The following streaming international services will broadcast the title fight (or more) for free online:

To watch the fights for free in the above countries, you’ll need to connect to a VPN server in those countries first, then connect to the stream. We’ve tested and verified that ExpressVPN unblocks Logan Paul Mayweather live streams from all of the options listed. 

An alternative free option includes DAZN, which will be broadcasting the fight in:

  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Switzerland

Logan Paul vs Mayweather Jr. Preview

Retired boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. announced Sunday he will return to the ring in a “super exhibition” against YouTuber Logan Paul.

Floyd Mayweather is fighting Logan Paul. Not Jake Paul, who knocked Nate Robinson out silly, but Logan, his brother, who is also an undefeated YouTube boxing pro at 1-0. Yes, Mayweather — a 50-0 pro and arguably the best pound-for-pound boxer ever — will be fighting a YouTuber in February who is six inches taller, at least 40 pounds bigger, and 18 years younger.

This fight doesn’t kill the sport — certain promoters and or executives may already be trying that from within — but it positively doesn’t progress the art either. In fact, it only provides a more straightforward pathway to an inevitable real boxer versus YouTube boxer match-up. Whenever that happens, it could be life-altering for both financial and health reasons. We haven’t entered that portal yet, but Mayweather versus Logan only solidifies that we’ll get there.

Where can I Watch Mayweather vs Paul live stream the match?

The social media site Thriller will be airing the match.

Watch the undefeated, 12-time, five division boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather fight social media sensation Logan Paul live in a Special Exhibition PPV match only on Fanmio Boxing.

It will be on a pay-per-view basis, Logan Paul Live Fight Sells has been officially set For $49.99 On PPV, The bout will be available via pay-per-view, according to the event’s website. The first 1 million purchases will cost $24.99, increasing to $39.99 that threshold is reached. On December 29, the price jumps to $59.99 and then to $69.99 on February 11.

Logan Paul vs Mayweather Live Stream TV Channel:

There is a host of service providers that offer Showtime and other cable channels as part of their packages. In addition to cable TV providers other sources such as YouTube and Play Station also offer a monthly subscription service that allows subscribers access to major cable TV channels. Online channels and live streaming is taking over from cable and satellite TV and it is just a matter of time before it becomes the norm in households around the world.

On What Channel Can I Watch Logan Paul Fight?

US cable channel ESPN PPV own the rights to broadcast the fight in the United States. The PBC will offer the fight to US viewers via PPV (pay per view) and the estimated cost is likely to be around $49.99. BT Sports is likely to receive broadcasting rights in the UK and a host of other providers around the world are also expected to show the fight in their respective countries.

How to watch Floyd Mayweather fight live streaming platforms?

Not all fans like to watch their favorite sport and show with the aid of a cable connection. In the times of Internet Progression, they will find numerous online channels and streaming options. These services can allow you to watch Floyd Mayweather fight live without any hindrance.

Therefore, without any further delay, let’s check out and find the Floyd Mayweather live streaming channels.

ESPN Official Channel

ESPN PPV is the main broadcasting rights holder in the US for the fight. The fight will be available for live streaming via the ESPN website, it will be offered on a Pay-Per-View basis. The estimated PPV price is expected to be about $49.99. A Pay-Per-View account will be needed in order to access the PPV live stream.


DirecTV Now is a subscription service offered by cable company DirecTV. It gives users access to 65+ TV channels that can be streamed to your favorite device, all you need is a data connection. Subscriptions are available to customers that use DirecTV cable services and Showtime is one of the channels that are available.

Sling TV:

Sling TV is an online streaming platform that gives subscribers access to a variety of different tv channels. SlingTV has different subscription packages thus you can find one that has all of the channels that you need. Before signing up for a specific SlingTV package make sure that it features all of your favorite channels. Showtime is your one stop shop for boxing, boxing fans need to make sure that they always have access to it.

PS Vue:

PlayStation Vue is a live streaming TV service offered by gaming giant, PlayStation. For $45 a month subscribers can stream all of their favorite tv channels to their favorite devices. Vue offers a 5-day free trial that boxing fans can take advantage of in order to gain access to Showtime. Since the fight is available on PPV fans will still have to pay to view it even with access to PS Vue.

YouTube TV:

YouTube TV is a subscription service that gives its users access to all of the top US TV channels including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, ESPN+ and a host of other channels. Live TV can also be recorded to ensure that you never miss a moment of the action. If you plan on subscribing to YouTube TV make sure that Showtime is one of the channels that it carries.

How to watch Logan Paul Mayweather live stream on social network?

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will offer extensive coverage of the fight. This coverage will include fight stats, analysis, interviews and much more.


Watch Logan Paul Mayweather Live following through their official Facebook page. Like other social platform here also we have our official Facebook page you can enjoy the show to go through our page.


Starting off with the basics, the official channels are one of the best ways to watch Mayweather vs Paul Fight online. Yes, with official channels, you will get quality of streaming along with some good features.
However, with Reddit, you will have to invest some good time of yours to find those links. After you have got the links, then you can easily go ahead and have a good speed net connection. But we can easily enjoy the hole ceremony by following our Reddit channel for free.


Mayweather vs Paul Fight Live will be available at our official twitter channel you can watch the Mayweather Fight Live go through our channel.


Mayweather versus Paul Fight Live Online will also be streamed by YouTube. You can also watch Mayweather vs Logan Live following the Official YouTube channel.


Like other Social Network Instagram streamed Mayweather vs Logan Live broadcast.

How to watch Mayweather vs Paul Live from USA and other parts of the World:

In case of location restrictions faced by users, they can subscribe to Virtual Private Network(VPN), buy a suitable package and watch the game from their comfort. How to Subscribe to VPN services step by step guide.

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